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Study Tools

These are some great study tools that I use a lot. Click the picture to visit the site:

Tools for Learning the Hebrew Alphabet:

Alef-Bet Song (Sung to Do-Re-Me)
(Composed and sung by Brad Grooman)

There is a cool story behind this song. I came up to Brad after listening to a Paleo-Hebrew teaching from Eric Bissel. My head was swimming with Paleo-Hebrew, and the letters seemed to slide in and slide right out of my brain. I asked Brad, "Can you compose a song to help us beginners to learn the Hebrew alphabet?"  Now I  let Brad continue the story , in his own words:

"As my wife, Laurie and I were driving home that evening, several deer crossed the road in front of us and these woodland creatures served as "witnesses" that I was to begin with the song, "Doe, a deer, a female deer". I hope that this tune will be helpful to those who are struggling to learn the alef-bet; we know that music has been used for centuries to help students memorize and retain words and concepts and the Torah. Shabbat Shalom and Hallelu Yah!"  

Click the link below to download a short PowerPoint with slides showing colorful pictures of  the Hebrew Letters. There is also a separate PDF file of the sheet music with words and chords. 

Click Here to Download PowerPoint and Sheet Music (View While Singing the Alef-Bet Song)

Quick Tip: Click the "Download this media" link to receive PDF of Sheet music and PowerPoint.

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